5. SWOT Analysis



A SWOT analysis is used in everyday business and health care facilities as part of strategic management. It allows teams to see the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of a project or problem. In this presentation we would like you to contribute to a SWOT analysis to help with the ethical dilemma of remote access to EHR. Using the ethical principles of beneficence and fidelity to guide you, please post some strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to remote access of EHR. Please include your name when posting your ideas.  We will collate and post the summary towards the end of the week.

SWOT Analysis Template



3 Responses to “5. SWOT Analysis”

  1. Strength Remote Access: easy, fast access to up to date, real time information.
    Weakness: The patient has the right to request that his/her info is not shared, but it can happen without the patient knowing.
    Opportunity: Standarization across Canada; Care provision to remote areas; Public health/outbreak surveillance
    Threats: Privacy breach can occur without anyone knowing. Data mining; risk of insurance companies using data against patients?

  2. strength: will possibly save a doctor a trip to the hospital
    weakness: same as Sandy
    opportunity: better sharing of information between health professionals in different communities, during an outbreak.
    threats: who else is in the room with the person accessing the EHR

  3. Strength
    Portable accessibility

    Unauthorized Disclosure

    Universal Canadian Standards


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